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Line up of articles.


Hey, guys. Haven’t been too active nowadays. It’s either I’m too lazy or I just don’t have the time. But, I feel like prioritizing you guys–whoever you are–and start writing the hell out of stuff.

So here’s a line-up of articles that I’ll (hopefully) write about.

Prometheus: The Lovecraft Connection.

Lovecraftian Horror: Why is it so scary? 

The Slender Man Mythos overview

Marble Hornets review 

SLENDER review 

Take an umbrella. Rainy as hell nowadays.



Prometheus: Impressions


I like Ridley Scott. The mad genius who contributed to Sci-fi, horror, and, in general, the Film Industry, has been working on a little project for quite some time now.

Wait, scratch that.

Prometheus is anything but a little project. The multi-million dollar block-buster was my most anticipated film in the last decade. Before the film was released, though, massive hordes of fans (of Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise) were anticipating a sort of ‘prequel’ that led to the said franchise. Some, like me, expected a more philosophical twist to the old sci-fi genre.

The question is: did we get the movie of our expectations? Did we get that philosophical hook? Did we find this gigantic epic that would both raise questions and answer them and raise more questions?

For the most part, the answer would be NO.

Much of the excitement, the culminating tension of wanting to see it adds up to a disappointing thing. I was expecting some kind of movie a la Blade Runner. Y’know—one that really makes you want to question something.

But no. We got an Alien prequel. As in, an Alien film with a different Alien and/or Aliens. Not that it wasn’t good on its own. It was good in its own right. But the thing is, after watching it in an epic movie theatre, you are bound to ask: “Is that it?”

Still, a few things stand out. There was this interesting scene within that movie that truly stood out from all the other horror movies that I’ve watched. Usually, there’s this invulnerability of a Final Girl in a horror movie. Either they survive to the end, unscathed, or with a few scratches.

But this one…man, this was terrifying. So you’ve got the obvious Final Girl, who is apparently immune to the trope death by sex. Elizabeth and whatshisname screwed each other the other night, and being barren, it was unprotected. Sadly, whatshisname was infected by this black-oil sludge virus thing, and infected Liz with it.

A few hours later Liz finds herself to be pregnant. It was obviously freaky, since she was barren.

So, she shambles towards this Auto-doc machine—a machine that operate on ones self—and does a C-section on herself to extract the monster. We witnessed this gruesome scene from the beginning to the end.

A few actors stood out (Michael Fassbender as David!).The plot wasn’t as bad, but it was cut up.  For the Alien fans, there’s also a lot of references to the old films, and a “proto-xenomorph” appears at the end.

So in the end, P R O M E T H E U S isn’t a bad film. Just one that doesn’t meet up to expectations.