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It’s Indie Rock n’ Roll for me…


The Killers say it all.

People think I’m a hipster.

The key word here is think. People think I’m a hipster so much I think I’m a hipster. Or, at the very least, a person with the musical tastes of a hipster. Or indie. Or whatever the hell you can call it. I don’t know why they think I’m part of that subculture, since I don’t have their brilliant fashion sense. Hell, I don’t even have clothes that look the type. But if you strip down the Indie/Hipster to their roots, they are, essentially, people who like Indie Music. Although I’m pretty much  restricted to the Indie Rock genre.

So maybe I’m not a hipster—just a guy with very discriminating taste in music (although I do listen to general rock), who loves Indie Music.

I don’t know. There’s something awesome about the Indie scene; its ‘unconventional’ kind of music. Depending on the song, it gives you this strange, goosebump-like feeling of euphoria, vintage-ness or just a quite different feel to it. Again, I think the best word would be Unconventional.

But I gotta admit that I don’t know much bands from the genre — I just stick with the basics; Bloc Party, Foster the People, the Morning Of, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, that kind of stuff.  Then again, there’s always something for everyone.

I think my Favorite has to be Mumm-ra and their song, She’s Got You High. Sadly, they broke up.

And now I weep.

Sometimes I don’t understand what constitutes as ‘Indie’. I hear people defining ‘Indie’ as being in an Independent Label, but I digress. Yes, a song on an Independent Label is indie, but, paradoxically, it is not indie.

A song is Indie, in the sense that the style is unconventional, experimental, even, such that there’s this certain vibe in it that makes you feel a certain kind of emotion through these techniques.

In retrospect, I think it’s pretty hard to analyze Indie Music, hell, Music itself, without being pretentious or having a wide knowledge of notes and whatnot. Then again, I am the listener, and I listen to music.My kind's your kind, oh stay the same!

What I feel about Indie Music is simple:

It’s this Euphoric feeling that can only be taken by a mixture of leads, synthesizers, bass, and a wonderful voice, something that other genres can’t doto me. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Maps is a big example of this strange euphoric feeling. It’s something you’d want to play driving in a vintage car with your horn-rimmed glasses and stubble, as the sun started to set.

Edit: Okay scratch that, She’s Got You High isn’t my favorite. It’s Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


A word on the things you’ll see in this Blog.


It’s imperative for you to know the things I’m going to write about. First, I’m a very expressive man. Writing gets me going sometimes, and I tend to ramble on and on and on about things. But since this is wordpress and not twitter, I promise I’ll keep things nice and sweet.


So,  anyways,  I am a person who enjoys various forms of entertainment —whether books or music, television or video games, I enjoy them like the civilized fan that I am, perhaps whining and puling only moderately, and not in ALL CAPS. And because of the enthusiast in me (read: Nerd), I have decided to list down the things I am most likely to write about:

Video Games
Silent Hill
Survival Horror
Stephen King
Neil Gaiman
Scott Pilgrim
Indie Music
Rock Music
H.P. Lovecraft
RPG games
The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones

Trust me, that’s just the icing on the top of the cake. I could ramble on about other stuff, too.

Stay in touch, will you?