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A Crawling Chaos Monologue


I wrote this for my Stage Arts class in college. We had to write/find a monologue for our…monologue performance, and I wrote a monologue about Nyarlathotep. To be honest, the mere fact that I wrote this scares the shit out of me. Your Mileage May Vary.


By Nick Llanes

I look upon you and grin. Your follies. Your loves. Your hideous rituals. You constantly reassure yourselves of your own significance. From up there—out in the stars, dearest Ant, you are nothing but a mere speck of dust one flicks away in annoyance. My master does not even comprehend your existence, the Blind Idiot that He is.

Yet I, the Haunter of the Dark, do. And I laugh. And I laugh. And I laugh.  Each and every little paramecium here, has set up a whole plethora of barriers—hindrances, and you call them “Morals”.


What are Morals but barriers? See us, in our true forms, and let us see what “Morals” are compared them.  So many questions linger in the air, answers rendered meaningless.

What is beauty?

What is horror?

What is Good?

What is Evil?

All this are meaningless when we take that of which is ours. We are things bounded by no such creation—such concepts are incomprehensible to us as our appearances are to you.

The Great Old Ones are sleeping. Azathoth is slumbering. The underwater cities of old are sunken. Yet we shall rise again. What would your puny minds comprehend of us, then? Your gods will not protect you from the True powers of this Universe.

One day, the Old Ones shall rise from their death-like slumber, and the seas once more will be frothing in madness. The Deep Ones shall rise and claim their birth-rights—their lands. The Shoggoths will consume your cities, like alien tidal waves. On that day, humanity shall be rid of their morals, killing and revelling and laughing merrily. Great Cthulhu, from his risen house at sea, shall teach Man new ways of fear.

You look at me now, little dust mites, as if I was some hideous aberration. Point your guns. Point your blades. Point, even your sharpened sticks.  My mask is mortal, but my essence is immortal.  You look upon me in fear, bacterium, yet I am merely a voice. An echo. A consciousness, able to take forms you measly creatures can comprehend. There are things sleeping underneath the earth, in the depths of the sea, and even in the black void of space, that you must fear more.

Yet I suppose I may say that I am fear.

For when Man lay shivering in the caves, afraid of the black, I was the thing lurking in the dark. When men stare in to the Abyss, I am the Thing staring back. I was the daemon who whispered into Hitler’s ear. I was the one who told Nero burn the Christians in Rome. I have been here, dearest insects, since you were mere apes, and I shall be here when you—all of you—shall realize that you are merely a miniscule electron in this universe of universes.

I have many names and many faces. I am Nephren-ka. I am the Black Pharaoh. I am the Devil. The Haunter of the Dark. The Whisperer in the Darkness. The Walking’ Dude. The Howling God. I am the crawling chaos.  I am the Messenger, Will, and Voice of the Outer Gods.

I am Nyarlathotep.




No one’s too old for Fairy Tales.


This is a  short story I wrote. I hope you guys like it.

Goodnight, Moon
(Sometimes, the Magic Comes Back.)

No one is too old for Faerie Tales. Care for a story, love?

She was falling. Running and falling. The stars gaped at her, as a shadow—her lover—pursued her through the darkness of space. In the Dark One’s despair, he tripped over cosmic specks of stardust, and threw off newly-formed planets along the way. He had been pursuing her for days now, worried sick and tired of all her stupid games.

Her name was Elune, and she gave light to the Earth at night.

The Dark One called out her name. Screamed it out into the Heavens, and into the Nightly Void that separated each realm. But Elune never noticed. She fled, in fear.

For somewhere, beyond the farthest reaches of the cosmos, an Unspeakable Thing shifted in its sleep.

It stirred in its slumber, groaning. It was because of this cosmic monstrosity that the goddess was running away.  The old prophesies told stories of how the God of the Void would awake with the union of Black and White. Elune could not, for the life of her,  bring forth the destruction of the Universe due to their love.

So she ran.

There was another god in pursuit. Sol was the Steward of the Brightest Star of the cosmos—the Sun. He was coveted by everyone; from the littlest dwarven stars to the largest dragonstars. He was lovely. On Earth, all the folken sang songs of praise and thanks, as the Sun gave them the chance for life.

As he saw the two running through space, he immediately thought, in his haughtiness, that the moon-ward was running away from her dark pursuer. Sol, in a hazy mixture of anger and adoration (for Elune), ran in pursuit, a trail of flames behind him. This gave Elune more reason to run.

Terra—the Earth was near. It had lost its magic a thousand years ago. She could probably hide there, she reckoned.

Elune, in a fit of panic, leapt into the blue world. Her stardust-laced dress burst into flames. She was not hurt as her whole body was engulfed in fire.  Her memories faded away as the ground slowly rose up to meet her.  The Dark One screamed out for her once more. He screamed so loud, that the Dead momentarily woke from their graves. He couldn’t get to her—he was too weak to enter the Earth.

Sol arrived just as the Dark One was contemplating. Wondering where the beautiful Moon-Girl could have been, he seized the Dark One with his fiery right hand. The Dark One, in his cold sadness, looked into Sol’s flaming eyes, in despair. He muttered a sentence—a phrase, really.

She’s gone.” He said.

Sol, in a fit of blazing anger, threw him into the deepest pit of the Earth, and into his own kingdom, the Underworld.

On Earth, the locals who witnessed the event called it the “Most beautiful thing the gods have given us,”. Scientists of every related field began investigating and pinpointing the location of the comet, only to be disappointed. The comet crashed into the earth, and exploded in a brilliant display of white light.  The Historians have already started writing about the event as the “Greatest atmospheric phenomenon since the Golden Age of Magic”.

Alas, without a Steward, the Moon fell into despair. The once-docile moon-beasts became vicious creatures, and without a Steward to tame the little satellite, the ecosystem of the Moon became a ravaging mess. The once-mighty white ball that lit up the night sky slowly faded away.

Sol, in his anger, went back to his Star, brooding. He would wait.

In her little crater, Elune slept, dreaming. She dreamed of her lover, the Dark One, who also slumbered. They communed in their dreams.

He swore to find her. He would leave the Underworld for her. He would do anything for her. They dreamt together of the wild things they did in the name of love—riding across the stars with their stellar horses, witnessing the birth of stars and galaxies. They even witnessed the simpler things; sunsets, sunrises. They fought the Star-Beasts and the Moon-beasts and the Sky-Beasts and even jousted for each other.

In a brief instant, the Dark One saw her fears. Images moved through his mind—The Void Thing; the maddening screams of the star-men as they are wiped out from the Sky; the sharp pain of seeing the Thing rise out of the event horizon, and materializing in their dimension. The immensity of the thing itself was horrifying.

It was that very same reason that the Dark One never made love to her. The Union of Dark and Light was the final signal. The Key to the End. Finally, he understood. Understood why she had been running, all this time.  And he knew that they could never be together. Not if he wanted a Universe still standing.

So before he woke up, in the very same room that they slept in, he gave her an astral kiss, and whispered. All the memories she had disappeared in that instant, along with her powers.

Somewhere, on Earth, a beautiful, pale woman awoke. Magic awoke with her.