Hey there. New Blogger here.

I want to get the feel of this place. I’ve been to Tumblr and it feels different and kind of unauthentic compared to ‘this’. Blogging is awesome. What’s sad about it, though, is this strange, soul-sucking pit of loneliness. It only happens when you’re new to a blogging site, so you’re not really popular, but it kinda sucks.

So…Hi there.  

I’d  like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. The name’s Nick, Francis, or Aiodeus. You pick. (I personally like Aiodeus. It’s awesome). I’m a strange creature living in a world of even vaster strangeness. I am, first and foremost, a writer. And a writer is an artist–one who paints a picture with words, sentences, paragraphs. Second, I am a part of a Counter-Culture; a hybrid of conservatism and open-mindedness.

So hello, stranger. Stay awhile and listen. 


About aiodeus

Nick. Sixteen. Self-proclaimed Hipster, even though he doesn't have the fashion sense, the body size, or even the broad musical taste to cope with the image. You could call him Indie, though, or just call him part of the Counter-Culture. Deep, brooding, and dark. Enjoys zombies, video games, Lovecraftian horrors, Reddit, Tvtropes and (occcasionally) Tumblr. Oh, he likes Wordpress, too!

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